• Gender:
  • Pet Type: Dog (Canine)
  • Status:
  • Age: 11mos
  • Date Listed: 01/25/2018
  • Breed: Tundra (GSD Mix)
  • Color: greys
  • Spayed or Neutered: Yes
  • Contact: Kimberly
  • Phone: 480-452-7997
  • Adoption Fee: $75.00 rescue donation

Atlas is 11 mo, birthday is 2/18. He is considered an American Tundra Dog – German Shepherd Mix. Atlas is a very sweet and loving dog. Great with other dogs and kids. No aggression ever shown. Kennel trained. Loves to run, very energetic. Needs lots of exercise. Can be mischevious like most typical pups but very smart and easily trained. Will dig outback if unsupervised. Loves water. About 70-75 lbs right now and will prob top our around 80-85lbs. Vaccines due in August 2018. Is neutered and will be microchipped before adoption. Atlas’s owners need to place him in a new home with a family who can match his energy level. He is absolutely beautiful. Better photos coming soon!