Simba (kitten)

  • Gender:
  • Pet Type: Cat (Feline)
  • Status:
  • Age: 18 weeks old
  • Date Listed: 01/23/2018
  • Breed: DSH
  • Color: orangecream
  • Spayed or Neutered: Yes
  • Contact: Kimberly
  • Phone: 480-452-7997
  • Adoption Fee: $75.00 (neutered, vaccinated, treated & cleared of ear mites) $100 if implant microchip

Simba is my name! Roar! I am a neutered happy kitten. My Mom cat was a Siamese mix, thus my cute pointy face. I had 5 litter mates and they squished me in the womb, I was the munchkin of the litter and I have a few kinks in my tail that make me especially handsome. They make me unique! I love to sleep on your lap, cuddle with my bestest friend Mary. I love to play string on a stick, cardboard boxes, climbing posts. While I wait impatiently for my food to be served, I will gently stand on my hind legs and tap on your legs and if you are wearing pants, I will climb up them. Silly boy!